Gina Mount

Gina Mount grew up in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2004, she moved to Chicago where she attended DePaul University and studied Psychology and Anthropology. At this time she began taking metalsmithing classes at Lillstreet Art Center. She combined these three fields to better study how humans relate to objects and most importantly their jewelry. After six years of classes at Lillstreet and receiving a degree in Psychology and Anthropology, Gina moved back to Minneapolis. She has been working in the Carriage House of the Casket Building, located in the lovely Northeast Arts District. Her focus is on very personal, beautiful wearable art that is handmade and one-of-a kind. As each piece is one-of-a kind, the website shop may not always be up to date. Please feel free to contact Gina about any specific items you see on the internet or to set up open studio hours if you are in the Twin Cities area.